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The location will simply be adjusted to the look and feel of your business. Thus, corporate identity and logos may be visible from the moment your guests arrive at the Media Park.

Parking lot
It begins with the sign at the parking lot where the guests of the event are being welcomed.

Outside starts with a 15- meter long red carpet and continues through the (decor) hallway to the lobby. This carpet is also available in a different colour. Above the door a welcome sign can be placed and there is a possibility to place objects at the entrance. In the hallway decor, soft lighting and background music of your choice is available. The eight 4 × 3 featured photo banners in the hallway leading to the lobby / reception area can be increased.

The lobby can be personalised with up to 21 banners in the style of the company or the sponsors. The 7-widescreen LCD screens make it possible to show a logo, a program or presentation. One of the screens is hanging in the lounge bar. By using the banner above the lounge, a separate reception, sponsorship or press space can be created. Moreover, adjusting the LED lighting from the lounge to suit the style of your organisation.

Both the lobby and the room have several possibilities to place booths and other ways to integrate the look and feel of a company or sponsoring in the appearance and the program of the event.

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