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Studio21 has advanced audio features with surround sound in the main room and basic audio features in the lobby. Hand transmitter microphones and lapel channels are standard.

Specifications sound great hall:

  • Full coverage with sound system brand Synco by Martin Audio
  • Main system: Line Array W8LC x 12, 4 x Martin Audio Sub WS318
  • Delay System: Combi between SR5 and SR7
  • Mixer: Digico SD7T with dynamic automation. Fully automated by means SMPTE
  • Timecode, where all disciplines hang.
  • ProTools 10 Hard Disk Recording and Playback 75 tracks to 32 outputs
  • All peripherals are triggered by means MIDI and SMPTE
  • 8 x transmitters of the brand Shure SM58 UR4D with heads
  • 8 x Belt Packs with Countryman E6 Sennheiser headsets
  • Fully Sennheiser In Ear System
  • Tire monitoring is via Aviom
  • Wireless Intercom brand Telex 10 x
  • Wired intercom system Clearcom and ASL

Specifications sound foyer:

  • Mixer: DM2000
  • Speakers Synco (Combi, Combi and Super Sub)
  • 4 groups monitor with Synco 121 Floortje
  • Various microphones for multiple purposes
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