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The maximum capacity of Studio21 is 1600 people. In combination with the adjacent studio this van even be extended to 2500 and 5000 people. There are plenty of opportunities for smaller groups to receive 50 people: using pipe and drape, lighting and sets to create an intimate atmosphere.

Room Theater setup Cabaret setup Reception Diner
Studio 1.400 600 1.400 900
Lobby 500 200 900 300
Vide 100 50 300 100
Loungebar 30 20 50 20


The spacious lobby combines an elegant look with the latest technology. With a few simple adjustments the lobby can be changed into every possible atmosphere, to every house style and group size.

  • 7 widescreen LCD monitors
  • fixed platform
  • Multifunctional banner system in the lobby with up to 21 banners
  • Full coverage multifunctional lighted ceiling
  • Full coverage hall sound
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Various check-in
  • Modern toilet facilities with 16 toilet blocks
  • Space for booths and other opportunities for sponsors
  • The mezzanine and lounge are part of the lobby, and suitable for VIP receptions or groups


The foyer of Studio21 consists of two levels. The upper part is the mezzanine, a spacious floor with the same elegant look as the lobby and is ideally suited as a reception area, VIP deck or presentation room. The upper floor has an open character which provides a good view on the stage from above. The mezzanine is equipped with a large solid bar, mood lighting, private sound system and LCD screen.


The right of the lobby is connected to the trendy lounge bar. This stylish white space is perfect as a reception area for selected groups. The lounge bar is equipped with a fixed bar, mood lighting, private sound system and LCD screen.

Extra rooms

  • 10 dressing rooms suitable for large and small groups
  • Production area with coffee and copier
  • Crew Restaurant with 100 seats
  • Loading dock
  • Hairstyling and make-up facilities

RTL Live Entertainment and Studio21, part of RTL which has exclusive access to some amazing recording studios, where RTL programs like Carlo’s TV Café and football are recorded, are internationally recognized. These studios are very suitable for smaller presentations and business meetings.

Studio Carlo’s TV Café

A few yards from Studio21 is the recording studio of Carlo’s TV Café. Every Sunday night, from here, Carlo presents his live show Carlo’s TV Café which hosts several famous Dutch. In the original decor each presentation will be a success.

Studio Voetbal Inside

The playing field ‘Voetbal Inside’. In this recording studio Wilfred Genee, Johan Derksen and René van der Grijp take each other and their guests through the hoops each week. You have the opportunity to present yourself at the table of these eloquent gentlemen and if you’re really brave, you let one of them join live. The recognition of the studio setting and the scenery can be an addition to your event. The studios are located near each other at the Media Park in Hilversum and are easy to combine.

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